king’s horses – waveforming lp

‘Waveforming is the debut album by Hull band King’s Horses and features 11 original tracks written and recorded over 18 months this album comments on a range of subjects from anxiety to social narcissism.
From the claustrophobic and introspective ’the Moment’ to the sarcastic pop sensibilities of ‘Unlucky for me’ this album is a collection of broad, diverse and fragmented songs using worn guitars & keys, droning drums, warm bass and wavy tape delay.
Recorded at Ivanhoe Studios and IGB Sounds, Hull.’

Purchase the debut LP HERE.

Straight from the off this LP transcends us with the promised wavy tape delayed guitar, sounding like something pulled straight from Mac DeMarco‘s back arsenal and this is only the bands debut LP. They’ve already managed to zero in on their songwriting craft, considered even more impressive as they shift from soft pop to garage rock with ease.

A darker sound on the ‘The Spoilt Fat Kids’ makes for a welcomed and dramatic change that stands out as the bands finest song writing. The bass hook alone is worth an honorary mention.

A trend welcomed back is the dotting of instrumentals and interludes as it allows the band to experiment and give a small glimpse into the compelling minds behind the music.

An ambitious effort on the final song, ‘Sides’, shows off the bands ability to use everything in their back pockets to create something that wouldn’t be too far removed from Radiohead‘s ‘Amnesiac’.

The band emphatically shout ‘You Shouldn’t Keep It To Yourself’ which is how we feel about this LP 🖤🥀

peopleruinmusic. top picks featured on this LP include; ‘You Shouldn’t Keep It To Yourself’; ‘The Spoilt Fat Kids’; ‘The Moment’ and ‘Sides’.

FFO: Mac DeMarco, PALACE and Radiohead.

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